Healthcare solutions

Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID delivers connected devices, end-to-end mobile terminals, systems integration and managed services to the healthcare industry.

Our expertise helps healthcare insurance institutions and healthcare system integrators to resolve issues surrounding identity, strong authentication and end-to-end security. We provide innovative solutions that can be created through the integration of the Internet, software, wireless connectivity and cloud computing.

Our solutions comply with strict regulations and certifications and offer features and performance in customer-facing transactions.

Ingenico Healthcare collaborates with its clients to implement or expand the use of connected healthcare solutions for more personalized healthcare at the primary point of care, at the hospital and on the go:

  • Welcoming any patient at the point of care and linking his card to his personal EHR,
  • Checking any patient’s eligibility for any healthcare insurance in seconds from a card, a fingerprint (locally or connected to a remote database),
  • Simplifying admission and re-admission to the hospital,
  • Checking healthcare professional identity with a card, a chip and PIN verification, and a biometric comparison prior to any access to a workingstation or a remote database,
  • Preventing any identity theft and protecting sensitive data transfer with End-to-End Encryption (E2EE),
  • Offering EMV payment at the point of care.

Solutions for the pharmacies

Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID takes care of any card-based transaction at the pharmacy and improves tracking of drug delivery with both products and employees’ identification.

  • E-signature of medical claim forms
  • Secure e-prescriptions
  • Service for secure update of e-health smart cards
  • EMV Payment at the counter
  • Card-based loyalty programs
Health solutions

Solutions for doctors and nurses

For personalized service at the primary point of care

  • Creation and e-signature of medical claim forms
  • Secure access to electronic medical records
  • Secure e-prescriptions

Solutions for healthcare centers and hospitals

Ingenico provides both administrative actors and healthcare professionals with devices for card-based identification, trustworthy authentication and user-friendly transactions.

  • Secure data consultation
  • Secure access to workstations and e-medical records
  • Secure drug delivery
  • Service for secure update of e-health smart cards

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