The 2-slot desktop terminal

  • By its compact dimensions, it fits easily close to the workstation it is connected to 
  • Its weight and ergonomics make it a simple and practical device for use with one hand
  • Efficient and optimized for the needs of office applications based on one or two cards, it allows a quick deployment of infrastructure

User benefits

  • Compact and steady
  • Easily fits anywhere on a desk
  • Ergonomic shape, ideal choice for professional applications
  • Flexible terminal for solutions requiring two cards
  • It allows for PC/SC applications requiring the use of two smartcards
  • Can be connected to any computer via a USB port
  • Graphical display provides optimum readability on one, two or three lines and of special icons
  • A software-development kit allows to adapt the iHC600 to the needs of a specific application, whether in CDC or CCID mode

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