The hands-free solution for strong authentication in mobility

  • Innovative authentication solution matching the needs of mobile users
  • Wireless chip card reader, portable and quick to use, suitable when space is constrained
  • Composed of a base connected to a workstation and a hands-free badge-holder
  • Dynamic pairing by hand contact on communicating USB base for a secure and exclusive communication with the badge-holder

Reader compliant with industry standards

  • Designed to perfectly comply with deployed e-ID cards (ISO 7816-1/4 compliant)
  • Dedicated to professionals and can adapt to any environment, especially in administration or company implementing secure access to confidential resources or European healthcare center for a safe use of electronic medical records.
  • Hands-free solution which does not require insertion or removal of the smart card
  • Complies with industry standard (PC/SC, USB CCID...) 

An ergonomic solution respecting the constraints of use

  • Composed of a USB base connected to a workstation and a badge-holder
  • Meets dimension and portability constraints due to work environments
  • Lightweight and compact, can be worn continuously without affecting the mobility of professionals.
  • Identification information printed on the card 
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery and a simple USB cable
  • Respectful of sanitary conditions, allows pairing with the badge-holder even in the presence of latex gloves

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