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E-fine solution


PéVéo is an everyday solution allowing police officers to quickly and efficiently enter fines and collect the associated payment. 

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Secure cards control offer


An effective lightweight terminal for reading secure cards

  • Easy to use
  • Optimized for the development of embedded applications
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Suitable for professionals who are either stationary or mobile

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A dual interface smart card reader for contact and contactless cards

  • Compliant with contact smart cards (ISO specification 7816-1/4)
  • Compliant with contactless cards (ISO 14443 type A/B/B’ Innovatron)
  • Allows reading of  transportation cards, strong authentication and digital signing for healthcare professionals

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The hands-free solution for strong authentication in mobility

  • Innovative authentication solution matching the needs of mobile users
  • Wireless chip card reader, portable and quick to use, suitable when space is constrained
  • Composed of a base connected to a workstation and a hands-free badge-holder
  • Dynamic pairing by hand contact on communicating USB base for a secure and exclusive communication with the badge-holder

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PC/SC, USB and CCID compliant chip card reader for large e-ID programs

  • Compliant with contact microprocessor cards (ISO7816 1-4)
  • Interface between a chip card and corresponding PC applications
  • « Plug&Play » reader
  • Ideal for large-scale deployment

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Teo Contactless

A contactless chip card reader for individuals and professionals

  • Allows secured access at a work station or for recharging transport cards
  • Plug&Play reader
  • Perfect ergonomics for daily use

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Electronic signature


Mobile and secure personal chip card reader

  • Workstation reader for user authentication and electronic signatures

  • Designed for government offices and companies with a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

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Secure chip card reader with secure PIN entry for professionals for government offices and companies with a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

  • Secure professional reader for user authentication and electronic signatures
  • Dedicated to security applications for chip cards (the IAS-ECC standard, for example)
  • Designed for government offices and companies with a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Compliant with PC/SC V2 (part 10) standard and CC-EAL3+ certified

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Mass signing solution

Electronic mass signing solution for mass signing documents

The value-added mass signing service available in the Leo reader fulfills the needs of administrations with a secure and ergonomic solution dedicated to the electronic signing of multiple documents at once.


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Secure administrative documents


  • By its compact dimensions, it fits easily close to the workstation it is connected to
  • Its weight and ergonomics make it a simple and practical device for use with one hand
  • Efficient and optimized for the needs of office applications based on one or two cards, it allows a quick deployment of infrastructure

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